This RPG list is not Conqueror based. However, from time to time we do write storylines featuring the Conqueror. The following character is one that developed from those storylines, and has fleshed out so well that I felt she deserved a character page of her very own.

Ammitt is a hunter of men, an Assassin. She is tall, with a slender but wiry build. She has long black hair, so dark it has blue highlights. It is worn in a single braid when on the hunt. She has a slender desirable body, and she has unique almost purple eyes.

She is an expert in any weapon you would care to mention, and Her Origins are obscure. It is known that she is Egyptian, and her father was an ambassador from the court of the pharaohs to the palace of Caesar in Rome. There they duped her father, had him killed on a trumped up charge of theft, then sold his daughter, then called Ananka as a slave.

Caesar wanted her disposed of but, she survived the training and had begun to make a name for herself. On the day of the Conqueror's first visit to Rome, Caesar's steward, Strophantes arranged games and had this young unarmed woman out to face a ring of gladiators. She killed all of them with a sword she took from the first gladiator who attacked her and raised it in salute as a victorious fighter.

Caesar gave her the thumbs down and the Conqueror, sensing something in the young girl, saved her life and began to train her. Ammitt proved over time to be the most loyal of servants to her master.

Over the years Ammitt met and defeated enemy after enemy on behalf of her lord and master...never losing a fight. She earned the nickname "Manhunter". She was amply rewarded, earning the trust of the Conqueror. On her last assignment before Rome, she was sent to Egypt to uncover the biggest plot yet.

The plot, involved many of the old noms of Egypt, and at their head was her sister Ta~Sherit, and her sisters love Minnakht. She succeeded in ingratiating herself with the rebels, agreeing to lead them against the army's and to kill the Conqueror. In her battles, she had the assistance of Ares who would advise her from time to time. She defeated the Egyptian revolt, and as a result of her actions she was given her freedom, the title of Lord Ammitt, and for her share of the booty she claimed Nakht, his twin brother Nakhtmin, and a young slave whom she freed and adopted as her daughter, Meryetre.

Now she resides in a palatial palace on the other side of the bay from the Conqueror's, and rides at the command of her Master. People from high to low, have come to fear the sight of her because then it means the Conqueror is watching them, and has sent her best courtier to remedy the situation.