Annette is a Stay at Home Mom of two fabulous Young Men, Joseph and Michael. She is Wife to Steve and they live quite happily in Texas. She has and does work as a Scholastic Music Teacher and is a Professional Musician as well. So of course she is a very artistic woman. Her many hobbies include writing for Xena List, Scrapbooking, Reading and writing for Themiscyra Amazon's.

In the Xenaverse she plays the Regent of The Amazon Nation, Ephiny. She feels Ephiny is a strong character and has a close relationship with both Xena and Gabrielle. She's tough as nails, but has a soft hart and is always willing to listen. Annette also respects how Ephiny rigidly follows Amazon Law. Also played by Annette is Ephiny's close friend Eponin.

Annette lists The Amazon's, The Beautiful Scenery, The Gods and Goddess', and especially Ares as her favorite things in the Xenaverse. Her episodes of note are A Bitter Suite, Lyre, Lyre, and A Comedy of Eros.

Where she started Role-playing.:" Xena RP!! I'm still a newbie at all this!" she quotes.