Aphrodite-Goddess of Love

Like Duhhh!!

What would the world be without Love? A total bummer, that's what! Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love...and not just romantic love, as she is quick to point out. There's jealous love, unrequited love, and puppy love to name a few...that makes the Bodacious Babe one busy Goddess!

Aphrodite wasn't friends with Xena and her group right off the bat. But after several misadventures she came to respect Xena (who she affectionately refers to as "The Warrior Babe") and Gabrielle (aka "Sweet Pea") and then over time the Goddess of Love became one of their staunchest supporters, friends, and all around Friendly Olympus Connection.

Many people even say that it was Aphrodite Herself who brought the Warrior and Bard together....but 'Dite never zaps and tells, so we'll never know for sure.

The Goddess of Love has the attitude and sense of humors of the coolest of Valley Girls, but as she is quick to point out she has brains, too:

"Don't let the blonde hair fool ya! Although overly bombastic forms of circumlocution are to be avoided, one shouldn't shy away from big words in their right context."

Who says Aphrodite's a dumb blonde? Certainly *not* Xena and Gabrielle.