Ares: God of War

Ares is the God of War... a job he does very, very well. A dashing figure of a male, his swarthy dark, broody looks never fail to attract women in fact he's been known to take human female lovers from time to time. As well as lust over many of his fellow femail Goddess'

His powers are not to be taken lightly, as some can attest and does not hesitate to use them on the battlefield repel his enemies.

He “discovered” Xena many years ago and nurtured her talents and skills in the arts of war anonymously for a long time. Under his tutorage she grew in power and reputation and he thought he had found somebody who not only excited him in war, but also stirred other feelings as well.

About that time Hercules turned Xena around and set her on the path of the Greater Good..yet another thing that fueled Ares’ dislike for his half brother, Hercules. More recently he's begun to get along much more with his half brother though he's still considered a pain in the ass with his goodie-goodie morals. He is closest to his sister The Goddess Aphroditie.

Now Ares and Xena have a love/hate relationship...but both know the other wouldn’t be the same without each other’s influence. Ares will never stop trying to win back Xena, and Xena will never stop refusing his advances...but every once in awhile they come together to work for a common goal....and that is all that Ares needs to keep his hope alive that one day Xena will be his once again...

He is a loyal friend but if ever betrayed he can and would without hesitation return to his former ways, which are very dark indeed.