Cyrene, Xena's mother, is one of the constants in the Warrior Princess's life. She knows her mother will always be there for her, whether it's for a hot meal or to have some sense talked into her (a position held otherwise only by Xena's beloved Bard. When Xena was a very small child, her mother saved her life in a most unusual and violent way. Her husband was a follower of Ares, and spent many nights worshipping at his Altar. One night he returned to his home in a fury the likes of which Cyrene had never seen before. All he kept repeating was that Xena had to die....and he went to the barn to sharpen an axe. Cyrene did what any protective and loving mother would do; she went to the barn, confronted her husband, and when she realised that he wouldn't listen to any reason she took the axe from him and "stopped" him. Xena learned about that night many years later, and was incredibly grateful for her mother's bravery and sacrifice for her sake.

Each would sacrifice anything for the other, their mother/daughter bond is so strong. Despite hard beginnings, Cyrene kept up the Tavern and made it her own. A place for love, laughter, comfort, sensible chats and everything that makes a home a home. No fighting is ever allowed under her roof, even if it's the Gods themselves.

Cyrene is written by Fiona.