Fiona Siobhan Hammond-Vincent came into this place we call Earth August 1, 1963. Which makes her a Leo. Since then she has chosen a Solitary Pantheist Spirituality, with a rather large nod to Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love.

A few of her many jobs and talents she lists are: Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Strummer, Artist, Writer, Administrator, Bartender, Gas Jockey, Salesperson, Landscaper, Interior Designer, Clothing Designer and, Set Designer.

Two of her greatest accomplishments include her two children Trevor 21, and Shannon 20. Of course there is also her Furkids, whom would never forgive if she forgot to mention them! Willow and Xena, her cats, who are sisters and nothing at all like each other.

Her 'other half' is Rob, also on our XWP:Writing and Role-playing List, whom she likes to refer to as "My Schmoopie."