Gabrielle: Bard Extrodinarre


Gabrielle is much more than a "sidekick" (in fact, if you call her that you may get a staff upside your head!)...she is a calming and loving influence in the storm that is Xena's life. Gabrielle was born and raised in Potediea, but always knew she wanted more out of life than that simple village existence. She wanted to be seek adventure...and to find a place where she was valued for herself, and allowed to *be* herself.

Adorable Gabrielle

When Xena saved her village from Slave Raiders, Gabrielle saw in the Warrior Princess what she had always wanted to be...strong, independent, and skilled in the fighting arts. She was enamored of Xena, and knew her Destiny was tied somehow with the tall dark haired woman.

Wanna taste of this?!
She followed Xena when she left Potediea, and although the Warrior made many protestations finally gave in and allowed her to travel with her. Within a very short time the Warrior wondered how had she ever traveled alone.

Gabrielle eventually learned to fight using a bo, or fighting staff. In keeping with her basic nature and philosophy of not killing, that weapon allowed her to fight and defend herself by knocking an attacker unconscious without dealing a killing blow. It was the perfect choice for her.

Gabrielle and Joxer Sharing a Story
She and Xena are One...Soul mates for All Time and Eternity. The Bard and the Warrior....gentleness and might...light and dark...yin and yang...they walk together and go through life seeking the balance the other gives them.

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Bards Fashion Tip of the Day!

Welcome to Gabrielle's Fashion Tip of the Day for Bards. When wondering the country, keeping Xena in check, and saving butt, the long skirt just doesn't do. That's right girls, the peasant look is out! Let's take a tip from our friendly neighborhood Amazons and get in style with crop tops, sports bras, short skirts, and boots. But of course, Bards need to be colourful, so that black or brown leather is definitely not an option. So remember girls, the "peasant" fashion on the right is a fashion don't, and the clothing modeled on the lovely *me* below is a fashion do! Thanks for listening and check in tomorrow when we'll discuss why long hair is still in style.

Highest Fashion