She is a tall woman, for an Egyptian, at 5 ft 9 inches. Her hair is long, almost to her hips and is true black, with blue black highlights. She has been called beautiful. Her eyes are dark blue, almost black.

She is of a very old Family, in Egypt, daughter of a Nomearch. She was given in marriage, for her own safety to Sennedjem, who was Leader of a little known Desert Tribe who were regarded even by Caesar's troops as dangerous. It proved to be a real love match.

Kha is one of the closer friends to Cleopatra, and maintains contacts with the fabulous Queen.

She has a bellicose nature, and hates Romans with a passion, with good reason.

One day, out of nowhere, a Roman invasion force attacked her village. It killed all her group but for a few which escaped. Khas husband, Sennedjem died in the fighting, her twin sons were slain, and she was raped. When she woke up, she found her sons bodies mutilated, and Sennedjem beheaded head on a pike left as a warning.

She is known for wearing chain mail armor until recently, when she was given a precious gift by Aphrodite, along with her brother Hades. One long Winter Solstice night, she went to a temple of Aphrodite, and prayed for the return of her murdered Husband, Sennedjem. Her wish was granted and now they ride together, a ferocious pair when irked.

She is known for her variety of skills with all weapons, and carries a prized trophy of an encounter with Caesar, His own sword a typical Roman blade, the hilt of carved ivory, with an eagles head.

Kha is proud to be a friend of Xena, and would follow her to the ends of the earth if asked, without question.

Kha, Warrior from the Land of the Pharaohs