Kicking Horse

Kicking Horse is a plains Warrior plucked from her world and transplanted into the Xenaverse (along with her best friend since childhood, Mateksi the Shamaness). She bears a striking resemblance to the Warrior Princess, but is a few inches smaller. Her friends at Cyrene's Tavern in Amphipolis (where she and Mateksi reside) tease that her height is the only way they can tell her and Xena apart (aside from their clothing

Kicking Horse's equine companion is "Luta Suka"...Red Dog. A small flaxen liver chestnut mare that serves as both warhorse and good friend. Red Dog allows nobody else but Kicking Horse on her back. Her horsy best friend is, of course, Argo. The two horses are very similar in personality. ).

Kicking Horse's weapon of choice is the bow, but she is a fierce hand to hand fighter and she wields and throws a hunting knife with the best of them. Like others of the Lakota People, Kicking Horse is skilled in triage, wilderness survival, hunting and fishing. But what she loves most in the world is riding and horses. Kicking Horse is a sucker for all things equine. Kicking Horse has recently fallen in love, and is discovering the changes that that condition can bring on in one's life. She has rescued Cassandria, a local woman who was tired of her life as a pampered merchant's daughter, and brought her to live at Cyrene's. The two are very much in love, but taking things slowly. Both are still learning about the other's world.

Kicking Horse is written by the List Owner/Moderator, Xena Lorber. Kicking Horse is her real life Lakota name, and Red Dog is her real life horse's Lakota name as well (her "regular" name is Argo...confused yet? ). Since Xena is very proud of her First Nations heritage, creating this character was her way to be able to involve that part of her in the Xenaverse.