Christmas 2001

Leonie Powder

Leonie writes for The Lakota Plains Indian, Mateksi. Probably one of the only two Native's in all the Xenaverse (at the moment *Grin*). She has created this character with the help of the List Owner Xena Lorber and her own Husband, a Cree Canadian. So Mateksi's heritage comes very close to Leonie's own heart and own beliefs.

Mateksi being a Shamaness has been a very eye opening experience for Leonie as she has had the opportunity now to learn a lot more about a different heritage of Native's. Each has thier own versatile differences but overall seem to blend beautifully together still.

Grade 9

Creative writing is not new to Leonie, throughout her entire childhood and right up till present she has allways had a pen in her hand and scribbling in a notebook or two. Stories popped into her head and characters came alive, more then the 'real' people around her quite often. If she was not writing a short story, she was found with her nose buried in a book of Fantasy or Science Fiction. Her favorite authors include names such as, Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey. Along with the occasional historic romance, her favorite author for that being Diana Gabaldon.

Born in the Frazer Valley and raised in Victoria she find BC to be the most beautiful and wonderful place to live. She found her husband Fabian and together they have raised their three wonderful and extremely rambunctious children. Alex 6, Hunter 4 and Emeryld 2.

Role-Playing was something she was introduced into around 1997-98. This was known as Pencil and Paper Roleplaying. Where you 'roll' up a character with 'stat's' and develop them from their career's out. IE- Dark Elf named Gwin and he is a Thief. The most well known of these RPG (Role Playing Game) would probably be Dungeons and Dragons. Her favorite is Palladium, which featured many of her favorite creatures, Elves, Dragons, Gnomes, Dwarves and Changelings.