The members of Xena list invite you to view a sample of our favorite writings that we've created together and were kept by our Illustrious bookkeeper Gabrielle. Please enjoy these as just a taste of what Fan-Fiction writers can do when put together in such a fantastic writing atmosphere as this, on Xena's Writing/Role-playing List.

Pick a link, let your adventures begin!

Cyrene Tavern Scrolls (CT:)

Horsefeathers - A Norse Tale


Are You Man Enough?

A Puppy's Tale

Conqueror's World Scrolls

Coming Soon: The Conqueror's Pet

Disclaimer: Please note that these Conqueror's World scrolls contain a harder, meaner Xena. If your expecting the Xena: Warrior Princess you see on Television, GO NO FURTHER! There is violence in The Conqueror's Scrolls if you find violence of any kind disturbing or are a MINOR, GO NO FURTHER!
There are many varying degrees of Conqueror fanfic out there on the web...ours is a kinder, gentler Conqueror (but she still is *much* harsher than the Xena we know from the series).