Mateksi -- Shamaness

Mateksi is a Lakota Plains Indian Maiden plucked from her world and transplanted into the Xenaverse (along with her best friend since childhood, Kicking Horse the Warrior). She is approximately 23 years of age and since her teen years she has been studying to become a Shamaness. With her teacher Grey Owl she learned many things, from healing arts, sacred ceremonies, Sweat Lodge preparations, to the way to travel the Shadow Lands. Just before she left the Plains of her childhood she took a Shadow Walk into her own heart, her teacher had said this was her finally walk as an Apprentice and if she could interpret correctly what she saw, she would be fully trained. Mateksi never revealed to Kicking Horse what she saw in that Shadow Walk, but it was the reason she followed Kicking Horse away from home that day.

While residing in the Tipi behind Cyrene's Tavern, Mateksi has made a great many friends. Including, the Amazon Warrior Women, many of the Gods of the time and every friendly forest animal that will come to her. She is known throughout the Forest as "She who Helps", a name that came easily to her, since she will help anyone who is in need and deserves such help. Often if you can't find her in either the Tipi, Sweat Lodge or enjoying a meal in Cyrene's Tavern you will find her traipsing deep inside the forest, searching for one of the many herbs and plants she uses daily.