You knew they must be coming, and here they are. The rules. And let me tell you, Xena DOES enforce them. So unless you want to be sent numerous reminders or possibly kicked off, please follow these. We try to be nice, but it takes effort from everyone. This was all written by Xena, so these are her words only.

First off, every group has a leader... That would be me. Anybody has a problem can come to me and I will kick their ass. I mean, I will settle it in a diplomatic and fair manner. Flaming isnít tolerated, but honest, open, and sometimes heated debate will probably occur at one time or another....this is all right. calling and especially bashing of any sort is grounds for me to drag the offender behind my horse till dead. Or theyíll get thrown off the list. Their choice. ::smiles sweetly::

  • This list is for adults. Should go without saying. : )

  • Ask before you write another person into an erotic scenario (another duh but Iím covering my backside)

  • This isnít a strict RPing group....banter and discussion is welcome and is not considered off topic. In fact nothing is off topic. Weíre all friends here.

  • If your story is especially harsh in nature or contains non-consensual sex a disclaimer is needed for the squeamish (me). Everyone who believes Iím squeamish talk to me about some beach front property up for sale in Idaho. (Seriously, though, disclaimers are sometimes a good thing.

  • HAVE FUN and kidnap...uh...uh...recruit other members. Yeah, thatís it. ; )

  • This is a biggie: BE TRUE TO YOUR CHARACTER. If you are playing a character directly from ďX:WPĒ you MUST be true to the character as he/she was created. In other words, should you be playing Aphrodite, for example, she must remain as Alex Tydings played her...she canít become a raging lesbian (as much as that would be interesting, lol) or a man hater. That isnít true to that character. Likewise, youíll never in a million years see Xena dress in frilly clothes or act all girly (that would be Princess Diana or possibly Meg in a mood, lol). There ARE small exceptions, however, like spells or what not, but overall the characterís core being never changes. For instance, there is Conqueror fanfic on this list, but we all know even Xena the Conqueror knows Gabby is her Soul mate on some level. Her core being remains the same.

  • NO LURKING. Everyone *must* check in at least once a week and wave howdy in order to remain a member of this list. Weíre small in number and so everyone must remain active on some level. Even if itís a weekly ďweíre still here just busy busy busyĒ. If thatís even too much commitment perhaps landscaping is the hobby for you or making origami. Itís not fan fiction, lol.

  • To that end, after a week of inactivity you will get a friendly reminder. After two weeks you will get a friendly yet insistent reminder and after three weeks youíre out. Just like baseball. This rule was voted in like all matters of importance and okíd by all. Exceptions are certainly accepted. Illness, petulance, plague...(Iím kidding of course, if youíre busy thatís life and perfectly fine. Just please let us know whatís going on thatís all that is asked).

I believe that is the Rules as they stand now. Discussion about them is certainly fine and dandy and even open to debate. Should a Rule become oppressive or unwanted they can be changed to suit the opinion of the majority (thereís that voting thing again).

Additions to Rules
  • ALL RPs MUST HAVE A STATIC (NON CHANGING) TITLE AND CHAPTER NUMBERS After the last run of confusing chapters, titles, and other things I realised this must be put in effect. I had several people complain to me about not being able to follow a story line.


    Thankfully most everyone here all ready copy what they are responding to *before* they respond. There is NOTHING I find more annoying than opening a random post and seeing one word in response to something I have no bloody idea what was said originally. An example would be the word ďcoolĒ. The reader has no clue what thatís a response to. PLEASE keep the original text of what you are responding to so we can follow the conversation. INFORM THE OWNER/MODERATOR OF ANY MAJOR CHARACTER CHANGES (LIKE A MORTAL BEING MADE A GOD OR IF TIME TRAVEL WILL BE IMPLEMENTED...ANYTHING OF A MAJOR NATURE THAT COULD EFFECT THE GAME) BEFORE YOU PUBLICLY POST IT.

    The reason for this is simple...I retain the right to run this list as I see fit. As the Moderator itís my job to keep things going smoothly and keep everybody on the same level. There are few things as annoying and disruptive on list as a Power Struggle. So let me be blunt here...I am the Boss Lady of this outfit. The Leader. The Big Kahuna. The buck stops here. IOW, I NEED TO BE KEPT INFORMED. And I do retain the right to nix certain story lines if I think they are not true to the show or the characters.

  • In the interest of fair play and information sharing of members of this list, be it known that many members of the RP list are Pagan or adhere to alternative beliefs. This being so, this list is unique in the fact that the Deities portrayed on X:WP are not just story characters, but true Deities which must be written about with respect at all times, and balance of their personalities and characters.

  • Any RP involving the Old Gods must be researched to make sure the Deity in question is being played fairly and without prejudice. Deities which have appeared in Seasons 1-4 of X:WP must be portrayed as they were seen on screen, not necessarily as they truly are (for story purposes and clarity of continuity of the show).

    The only theology not allowed to RP on this list is Judeo-Christian as the list Owner/Moderator strongly feels that ďIn a time of Gods....Ē there is no place for Christian Doctrine. This is a place for the Old Gods and the Old Stories.

  • By joining the group you agree to respect alternative beliefs and to portray any Deity in the Ancient Pantheons (be it Greek, Norse, Egyptian or Other) with the utmost respect as if the Deities were your own. Plot lines of a controversial nature should be discussed with the list Owner/Moderator before the RP is begun. Remember: these are real Deities to many of us here...not merely fictional characters to do with as you will.

  1. This list strives to include *everyone* who is participating. This means that if there is an established scene and you add onto it you *must* interact with and include all those present in your written scene.

    In other words, do not come in and take over the scene. It is considered very poor manners, and will result in a public reminder. Do not come into a scene and take over, in effect obliterating the existence of the other player(s).

    The definition of writing RPG etiquette and taking control are as follows:

    ďEntering a scene, failing to write any interaction between existing characters in a scene and the new character being the sole focus.Ē

    The above is a major transgression.

  2. There are no ďSuper PeopleĒ here. The reason is simple. Itís boring. If nobody ever gets hurt or ill, what's the point? Itís very boring and makes for poor and uninspired writing. Unless you are borne of a God or you are a God/Goddess you have to be like everyone else, save for a Special Skill. Contact the Owner/Moderator for any clarifications. The Owner/Moderator reserves the right to not approve characters she deems inappropriate or unrealistically portrayed.

    The List Owner/Moderator reserves the right to stop, re-route or delete any post or RP she deems inappropriate.

    Thatís it, and hopefully all the rules that will ever be needed. My goal is to have fun list, not one over run with rules and regs. Most if this is common sense and typical online etiquette. : )

    Xena Lorber Owner/Moderator

    Xena's Email