Egyptian warrior, former head of an elite soldier group called the brotherhood of the shadow hawk.

Physical description: Just over 6 ft, Sennedjem has shoulder length black hair, and dark brown eyes. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder blade which is a symbol of his former command. It is the glyph which stands for Horus.

He is ferociously dedicated to his wife, Kha. They were separated for the longest time, when a Roman invasion all but eradicated the main camp of the brotherhood. Sennedjem was killed, as were his twin sons. Kha survived a vicious rape, and from that point on made war against any Roman she met but for one who helped her.

Sennedjem was brought back to Kha, thanks to the interventions of Hades, and Aphrodite, to whom Kha prayed to for reunification with her only love.

Sennedjem has proved his skills in woodwork, making chairs for tavern residents, He has made a new staff for Gabrielle, and helped build the new wing, nicknamed the nursery.

His not so secret passion for hunting, has given the Tavern a steady supply of venison and boar, among other game. He also makes use of the skins, turning them into very well made cloaks, and blankets so no one in the Tavern goes cold in the winter.

His true skill, however, is Combat whether hand to hand, or with his scimitar. He has earned himself a reputation in his new homeland, of being an ally to Xena, and an unparalleled swordsman

Sennedjem is written by Kha