This RPG list is not Conqueror based. However, from time to time we do write storylines featuring the Conqueror. The following character is one that developed from those storylines, and has fleshed out so well that I felt she deserved a character page of her very own.

Xandra~ Conqueror Style

Xandra is still the illegitimate daughter of Alexander the Great, but she managed to sneak into Alexander's Army when she was old enough. She arranged to have Alexander assinated with Alexander's lover as an accomplice. Her purpose being that she had a secret admiration with the Conqueror and knew that Alexander's army was feeling the strain of their general's unending thirst for conquest.

She traveled to Athens and entered the gladiatorial school and spent a year surviving hoping to be in a game with the Conqueror in attendance. It paid off and she won the championship. She revealed her idol that she was the daughter of Alexander the Great (her biggest rival) was dead by her own hand. Xandra was taken into the palace where she told the Conqueror her life story and how she came to murder her own sire. She managed to work a deal with the Conqueror in which Xandra handed over Alexander's entire army and all of Alexander's owned lands....which was the entire Middle East and the Silk Road to Asia!

Alex swore fanatical loyalty to the Conqueror and was allowed to rule the land of Persia in the Conqueror's name.

Xandra is a fanatic when it comes to the Conqueror. She believes that the Conqueror is divine (rather like Romans believing the Caesars were divine) and set up a cult dedicated to the Conqueror in Persia. She also has a sadistic pleasure in torture.

Xandra is written by Alex