Xena Lorber

Xena Lorber role plays...who else?.....Xena on the list. She lives in Fort St. John, British Columbia with her Lifemate Kas (who RPs Gabrielle on list). They share their home with two dogs, Jedi a Shetland Sheepdog (who is quite prissy and"proper". They imagine if he could speak he would sound like David Hyde Pierce) and Jace, a stray which they found two years ago. He's of undetermined lineage, but Pomeranian and Terrier are definitely in there somewhere. Xena and Kas also suspect he's part Badger, as his attitude and body shape belie. (He's known affectionatly in the family as "The Badger Dog". If he could speak in a human voice, he would sound exactly like Dany DeVito ).


There's also Autolycus the Cat, who actualy thinks he's a dog. He comes when he's called, eats dog biscuits as treats, and generally just wants to be like the other boys. He's named after the King of Thieves because he steals anything shiny he can carry off in his little thieving kitty paws. Xena and Kas love him dearly, although Kas has to hide her keys at night so they are there in the morning when she needs them!


Xena loves working with, training, and just plain enjoying the bond with her horse, Argo. Unlike the horse on Xena: Warrior Princess, this Argo is not a Palomino, but a flaxen chestnut. She's a registered Morgan, and the smartest, most affectionate horse Xena has ever owned/trained. She refers to her as a “Dog in a horse suit.” It took three horses to play “Argo” on television...this Argo does it all without benefit of a stunt crew. Xena wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Argo and Xena

Xena has studied martial arts for many years and holds high ranking black belts in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Jeet Kune Do. She also studies Chin Na, the ancient art of using pressure points in hand to hand combat. If you would like more information on this part of Xena's life, please go to Amazon Nation

She also occasionally does work as a celebrity look alike. If you would like to access her business page please go to SDQ Designs Xena-look-a-like at the bottom of the page is another link that will access a more informative Real Life Personal Page. Feel free to email her with questions or suggestions for the site.

Xena’s hobbies include dog showing, horse showing, and anything to do with the martial arts. A homebody at heart, she enjoys spending quiet evenings at home with her Lifemate, just enjoying being in love.

Xena’s favourite X:WP quote is a toss up between “Even in death, Gabrielle...I will never leave you.” and “What’s the matter? Is one woman too much for you?”

Her favourite episodes are too numerous to count, but “The Lost Mariner”, “Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire” and “The Quest” are in the top ten at least. She absolutely refuses to acknowledge the catastrophe known as "Friends In Need" and instead considers "When Fates Collide" to be the TRUE ending of the series. Although of course the series lives on forever in the hearts of the fans.

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