Xena: The Conqueror

Imagine what Xena would be like if Hercules was never born? Nobody to check her evil ways and her thirst for power? Imagine that cold, evil woman and you get Xena the Conqueror.

Without Hercules to help start her on the path to Redemption, Xena eventually conquers the entire Known World. In our corner of the Xenaverse, she resides in Corinth in a great castle and rules with an iron fist. She has many adventures with her favourite assassin, "Ammitt" (written onlist by Kha).

The Conqueror trusts only one human completely and that's her slave, Gabrielle. They are in love, but the slave will never be freed as the Conqueror believes to do that would be to see her Beloved run out of her life. No, better to keep her chained, so that she cannot break her heart.Little does she know that even if she were freed, Gabrielle would never leave the Conqeuror's side. She loves her, as she is loved.

There are many varying degrees of Conqueror fanifc out there on the web...ours is a kinder, gentler Conqueror (but she still is *much* harsher than the Xena we know from the series).